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A New Member...

Hi there. I just joined this community. I live just north of Toronto, and I used to climb a bit when I was younger. I was thinking about getting back into it. Is everyone here pretty experienced?? Where do you usually climb? Just thought I'd ask...Any tips or suggestions for where I could climb, or find people to climb with would be awesome! Thanks so much.
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we climb at Oasis at king and bathurst. we climb anywhere from 5.9's to 10.c's. unless you are offended by people who don't climb as well as you, we don't care what your level is. New climbers are always welcome.
I'm just a beginner, and just trying to get back into the sport...And get over a back injury. I was just curious about how experienced you all were. Thanks!
no worries.

If you want to climb, just let us know.

I think a few of us will be climbing on Tuesday.
The only thing I'm thinking about now...It's been so long since I've climbed. I would probably need a quick refresher to remember how to belay. I would probably have to take that whole beginner lesson and stuff wouldn't I??
depends on how long it has been, though that is probably a good idea.

I always support people retraining when it comes to safety.
So are you still planning to go on Tuesday? If so what time would you be there? I called to find out about retraining...Do you think I'd be able to go before hand and do it, then stay and climb for a bit with some of you?
yeah, that should be fine.

I will be there between 5:30 and 6. My bro and I are going to MEC after work and heading over to climbing from there.

my email address is thejedipimp @ hotmail.com

email me to arrange meeting up.
Rock Oasis = good gym.
Most people here climb, relatively experienced.

If you need people to climb with, best options are to force friends or go down to the gym and sign up on their contact list.

BTW nice Dib icon.
I tried doing the forcing friends thing. It didn't seem to go over all that well. The few people who were interested were way to busy to go anyways. I might see about the contact list. Thanks.
I'm still climbing 5.6's and 5.7's, and they don't make fun of me at all. So, yeah, not so experienced myself.